that's very interesting. Greetings fron Germany.


Hi Shaan,

A couple of things:
1. Were AC1001 & AC2.22 really both Version 2.22 as your list shows?
2. This link -
states AC1013 was used in R14 sample DWGs

Cheers, glad to see you're still going,

My list of DWG versions is correct based on the file format that the release saves not the version of the sample files.


which release supported the mac system?

There were native apple Macintosh versions of AutoCAD R11 and R12.

Exciuse me sir!I have a question about AutoCAD 2010 logo:
To what belongs the Twin Towers design of the AutoCAD 2010 software logo?
Thanks alot!


The towers are just a conceptual design made in AutoCAD 2010 by Guillermo Melantoni an AutoCAD Product Manager. Guillermo now has a blog "What a Mesh".


Hey Shaan, GREAT JOB on keeping this up to date!!! Lots of great information here.



where could i find the history of the autocad and wh invented the autocad.

thank you!



You can view the history from the Autodesk founder John walker at

Best Regards,

Hi. I am an adult interior design student about to take an AutoCAD course (I have been told that AutoCAD LT will probably fit my future needs). I am looking to buy a laptop for personal and professional use and am tempted to buy a MAC. I have been reading your blog and wonder at this point whether you'd recommend a MAC or pc. Thanks, Abby

Hi Shaan,

Is there a bigger readable picture of the Timeline V1 to R2009?
It's a nice picture I would like to use for different presentations I give in my company.


I was wondering when Autocad first had mouse or puck support? Was it there originally, or did it come in a later release?

Can I get a bigger and more clear image of AutoCAD history for a presentation on LCD projector

There is an image of the original size in Shaan's flickr gallery:

Do you know the date of the first version of AutoCAD LT?

Hi Shaan,

The link to AutoCAD 2011 doesn't work!

Thanks for the useful article, can you answer this:

I have been sent files AC10214 and AC 10212. Are they both flavors of AC1021?

AC1021 is AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009.

Nice compilation... I am relatively new to AutoCAD but had No idea that it is such an old / evolving application... I appreciate your efforts.

Hi, great compilation about AutoCAD versions but:

1.-)AutoCAD 2011 is not Release 25, it's Release 18.1, so list would be:...

# AutoCAD 2011 (Release 18.1)
# AutoCAD 2010 (Release 18.0)(DWG 2010)
# AutoCAD 2009 (Release 17.2)
# AutoCAD 2008 (Release 17.1)
# AutoCAD 2007 (Release 17.0)(DWG 2007)
# AutoCAD 2006 (Release 16.2)
# AutoCAD 2005 (Release 16.1)
# AutoCAD 2004 (Release 16.0)(DWG 2004)
# AutoCAD 2002 (Release 15.2)
# AutoCAD 2000i (Release 15.1)
# AutoCAD 2000 (Release 15.0)(DWG 2000)
# AutoCAD Release 14 (DWG r14)

So each new version of DWG format belongs to a internal new release of AutoCAD (Release xx.0)

Thank you. Wikipedia and you made the same incorrect conclusion.

You are going by the actual API versions used by the 3rd party developers of ObjectARX, not product releases. There is a distinct different. Indeed AutoCAD 2011 is the 25th release of AutoCAD.

Shaan Hurley

Hi SHAAN........

Realy U R rocking man......
Great man
And do sumthing better b4 u Sleep :)

Very useful information, thanks!

Shouldn't last line (with URL) be:
AutoCAD 2011 (25) March 2010
instead of ... March 2011 ... unless my calendar runs slow ;-)

Bickering, I know ...


Is there a place to find DWG made by each version ?

those numbers refer to versions not releases

happy Birthday Autodesk!

Thank you very much for these informations. They are very important for me! Autodesk AutoCAD is always the number one for me!

Shann I am looking for a little history. Back in 1998, I puchased a copy of ALGOR software to simulate flake manufacture. See and, specifically . Later in 1999 I visited ALGOR's offices in Pittsburg and learned how to write a front end to automate the program I was using.

I finished my research in 2003 and published my last webpage at .

Since that time I have pursued other interests. However, recently I have been ask to write a chapter for a book about what I did during these years. So in the early writing stages I went to the old ALGOR web page and discovered it no longer exists. I assume it was purchased by or it changed it name to AUTODESK. So, can you tell me or direct me to what has happened to ALGOR over the years?


I am not familiar with the detailed history of ALGOR. If you email me at Shaan at I can forward your email to a team that might be able to provide you the information.

If you want to see old pages from the Internet check out the Internet Wayback Machine. Here is the history of the ALGOR website*/


Happy Birthday!

I find screenshot of AutoCAD for UNIX

Somebody Can help me


AC1027 - DWG version for AutoCAD 2013 and there was a Mac version of AutoCAD R13 that you do not mention in your list. You are also missing your AutoCAD for Mac 2013 listings above as well, which were under the codename Jaws like their Windows counterparts.

Thank you Lee!

A mesh is rectangular 2d surface or it to be in triangular in it horizontal and vertical line are over lapping than make a small rectangular and this rectangular is to be 1 to thousand by same size like a net

yes enter command bmput

1993 start 4m rupees 495/-

I have a LATITUDE | E5500. I have AutoCAD 2010 and my time limit is April 8th, 2014, Should I buy a new laptop computer, that is Macintosh, then buy the new version of the Student AutoCAD program, or would my computer (LATITUDE|E5500) be enough to just re-order the new Studen t version of AutoCAD. I am hoping that you can still answer my question, My Student version expires 04/08/2014. I also would like to know where do I re-order AutoCAD, student version.

Thank You:
Joe E. Contreras


If you are a student then get the free student software good for 3 year term at

Best Regards,

Thank you for keeping the Autocad history updated. I have started my Cad jobs with
version R11 to the latest release, Great!

Thank you
Prrasanna Kumar Mv

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