Hello Shaan,
You seem to be the guru of autocad.
I was trained in autocad year 2000.
I have a job interview this week and there will be a practical test using Autocad V9.Which I learned from your site is from 1987.
I am worried because I don't know what the interface is or if I will be able to work with this software.
Is autocad v9 windows based? if not where can I find a tutorial or commands or something I could use to help me prepare for this.
Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

To me that sounds plain crazy to test someone using 26 year old software and DOS based. Makes no sense or proves any skills. It is like testing a current airline pilot in a biplane...

R9 is DOS and half the commands if current releases and is side menu or pull down menu.

I would love to test them on AutoCAD 2.18 or drafting board. ;-)

That's crazy unless they have some ancient process which demands the old version. I used R9 back in the day and doubt could remember how now! You sure it's not 2009? Not new but seems more likely.

Yah you guys are right. I think the HR person who gave me this info is clueless.
Thanks guys!

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