autocad has always been the top CAD and will always be.

HDR Engineering in SLC has a need for a Civil CAD tech. I would like to post the position at your institution - please email me at, or you can call me 743-7800. Thanks

I like to use AutoCAD,Thank you for making me happy with AutoCAD.

A couple of weeks I posted some issues that I was having with AutoCad Civil 3D 2009. I wasted 2 weeks corresponding with Autodesk, not to mention the frustration when trying to execute simple commands. They were unable to resolve any of the issues. I am happy to say that 2009 has been uninstalled from my pc and I am "back to work" with 2008.
It will be a long time before our company installs any new AutoCad software. Right now, we'll stick with the version that works.
Just thought you might like to know.


I am sorry to hear of your problems with Civil3D. You posted limited details to this blog a month ago and I responded with suggestions but in no means am I official support especially for Civil 3D. I hope your reference to communications with Autodesk was not just posting to a blog and instead involved your local reseller and official Autodesk Civil 3D.

Since you mentioned a memory error, I still beleive it is something unique to your systems environment conflicting with Civil3D and I have even seen MP3 software cause havoc with other applications by stealing memory reserved for another application causing another application to crash with a memory allocation error. The best way to rule out what is to disable many things to rule them out such as customization and other running programs in the system tasks. Also make sure you are up to date on service packs and supported system requirements. It could also be a bad installation and DLL where a repair install could have resolved it.
In any case if you need to go back to 2008 to get work done, that makes sense, but so does trying to figure out the cause as someday you may need to upgrade and you surely dont want the same issue popping up.

Best Regards,

Thank you for your response. I did deal with Autodesk directly. I also faxed them a copy of the order for my Dell. The response was that I shouldn't be having problems. I downloaded servicepack 1, but that did nothing. Very frustrating. I've been using AutoCad for 15 years and once in a while something like this happens. I know Autodesk will eventually succeed in working out the bugs, but in the mean time, I'm very happy to have 2008 back. Once again, thank you for your advice. Your website is very informative.

Dear sir,
Thanks for your above information,but I'd like to know about how I can set the network for autocad 2009. How do i prepare for the server .(it must be server 2008 or other)and how many computers that i can connect from the server. pls send me the advise. Thanks for your kindness.


There is a good Network Administrators Guide in the product and I would suggest reviewing that or discussing with your local reseller.

The network licenses server supports a few different Windows Operating Systems.

The number of machines you can run, is up to the number of network licenses you hold.

Best Regards,

Thanks for your advisement.I'll contact my local reseller.Thanks again for your kindness.

I am manufacture technician and working with AutoCAD but this software is weak for mechanical drawing. Who I can improve my software ability for drawing screws, intricate plot and other.
Tank you


I am not sure what you mean by "drawing screws". Most just draw a block of a screw symbol not a actual screw with threads as that is a mathematical burden for any CAD system to calculate the helical cuts. Have you looked at AutoCAD Mechanical or Autodesk Inventor?

Best Regards,

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