Dear Sir,
Can you advise me if I can purrchase this version of Autocad 2000i.

Sir - Is 2000i a subset of 2000, or does 2000i have all the feature/function of 2000 plus more?

Regards - Don Duve

AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD 2000i were two separate releases. The release is over 10 years old and no longer sold or supported.

Shaan Hurley

Yes I know Shaan - Why didn't you answer the question, or say you don't know the difference !


Don Duve


I thought I had answered the question. AutoCAD 2000 includes all the features of AutoCAD 2000 plus those new in 2000i.

Thank You Shann

How come i can't select 2 or more objects to move them all at the same time or trim a circle off 2 objects? Can you help me . I used to be able to do that.Did I hint some thing wrong?

Set your PICKADD variable to 1.

Did you mean AutoCAD 2000i has all the features of 2000 plus those new to 2000i? I'm still confused.


I upgraded to windows 8 & of course my autocad 2000i doesn't work with it. I was hoping someone could guide me through networking it so I can still use my new computer to network it from my old computer. I know I need to get a network license for autocad but before I even contact them is what I'm wanting possible?

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