I am doing a report for my AutoCAD class. Who were the designers of the first software and how long did it take?


There is no short simple answer to this question and can change based on who you talk to as it has been 27 years. AutoCAD was originally another product which was re-written and named AutoCAD. The design has evolved over the past years based on customer feedback and research. we also have a User Experience and Product Design and Research group.

Here are a few goods resources for more information:

Autodesk founder John Walkers Autodesk and AutoCAD history site the Autofile:

My gallery and history archives which you may have already seen:



Dear Sirs,

I am teacher of autocad in Brazil.

I would like to receive the screen shots of all versions if its possible.

How to get this information for my students?

my name is dr alkesh
i am the post graduate student in dentistry in india .i am using autocad software for calculating area of x-ray tracings of head neck region.
can u provide me any material,research paper,published material on use of auto cad in calculating the area of the enclosed region.
thanking you

I like your Release History of AutoCad. Particularly the codenames Autodesk uses. I had no idea they did that.

One question. Has ACAD been 3d capable since the first release? The first mention of 3d I see in your list is around 2.1, but it seems to be upgrades to existing features.

I've been using it since R10 or R11, but I am still fairly ignorant of the history.

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