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31 January 2017


Wonderful and amazing that much time has flown. Mike (John G.) Ford Jr. was pivotal in taking the newly coined 'AutoCAD' product into a market where microCAD had never existed and no one had a clue what it could do; Comdex meetings where there were no graphics to show the capability of the PC's being shown, schools of architecture and drafting were still using slide rules until one funny little guy from IBM joined the team and began giving product away to the hardware makers, offering it to schools and sweetening the deal w/free computers to run it on, inviting industry (CAD, CAM, CAE) editors and prophets to Bridgeway to meet the programming team, and then developing the most coveted distribution network of its kind. Don't forget Mike in your celebrations. He resides in Washington, and at least deserves a byline in all of this. Thanks for listening,

We have never forgotten the founders and they have been acknowledged. I know some of the Ford family. Amazing history and so much change since the early days. It would be hard to highlight every early founder and employees contributions.


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