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27 March 2014


Great news! What about some videos?

Still no love for LT after all these years Shaan?

http://LTisACAD.blogspot.com for a review of LT 2015.

Please don't make assumptions. I have always loved AutoCAD LT since before it was a public product and I was a customer beta site for it. I just have not had the time to search the entire interwebs today for everything Autodesk 2015 with the formal announcements today which is why I asked people to let me know of their articles today.

Thank you for the link to your blog and know that AutoCAD LT is indeed loved.

For those looking for Dean's LT article the direct link http://ltisacad.blogspot.com/2014/03/autocad-lt-2015-we-lasso-new-features.html


Cheers for the share Shaan!

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