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21 February 2014


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Electronic Rolodex system

Google is always your friend:

Was it a file manager - a precursor to Windows explorer!

It's kind of amazing how many products there were that did this - and only this - compared to a generic database program that would do exactly the same thing,but be configurable for so many other list management tasks. I even remember one done in Pascal (and another one for the PalmPilot) that would generate a standalone app that managed a single custom database.

And - remember all the magazines that had articles with BASIC source code for generic configurable databases - named PIMS (Personal Information Management System) or some similar acronym? Byte, monthly mags for Apple IIs, TRS-80s, Commodores... My kid was about 6 and a better typist than I, so I used to pay him 20 bucks to type in the 10 pages or so of code.

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