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08 January 2014


Interesting, as it seems you would try to reinvent the wheel here. There are many off the shelf pH meters available, and unless you are going into the pH meter business, I would source one of those. Even the most innovative new ideas use off the shelf components whenever possible so that focus is not directed away from the real goal, which I suspect in this case is [i]not[/i] a new and improved pH meter.

(I once worked for Beckman Instruments who's founder held the patent on the first electric pH meter in the 1930's. I was a chemical plant operator back then (1980's), so I'm not your guy)

Thank you for your comment. What we are looking for is something is not really off the shelf, but as you point out it is an option to look at incorporating a stock model in a new way and use.


Not sure of your requirements but I've had some experience as an end user with pH meters and ran into some issues regarding stray voltages and probe connections submersed (getting wet). I solved the problem using a probe / meter combo that employed inductive coupling between probe and cable. This eliminated issues with both stray voltages (it was isolated from ground reference) and submersed connections (inductive coupling allows for a completely submersed connections.
I'm not a designer but the lessons that I learned along the way trying to solve our issues are well worth passing on.



Thank you very much for responding. I would love to discuss the project and possible ideas with you. Please shoot me an email at shaan at autodesk.com.

Best Regards,

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