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11 December 2013


Is THAT why you had that odd look on your face as you jogged past me in Restaurant Row??? It looked like you lost a puppy or something.

Yes that put me in a mental tailspin. Wish we had more time at AU together, but there was the fun mentor competition. I think all my mentorees survived AU.

Don't feel bad Shaan. I make it a point to NEVER wear matching socks.


- KFD -

That is a great share. I think that also means you packed too many shoes for AU. I did too, I just managed to match mine up correctly.

You are lucky to have not made the same mistake wearing different styles. I packed way too many shoes but at Autodesk University one cannot have enough comfy or nice shoes on hand for all the walking we do.


Did you go back with the other two shoes to get them shined or do you now have one shiny and one dull shoe?

I KNOW mine had no Lip issues!

I've done that but not at AU. Same style, one black, one very dark brown

All shoes are brown in the dark.

Great story, and so nice to know things like that happen to other people too! Thanks for sharing!

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