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07 November 2013



Can you open local files or do you need to upload your files to 360?


You can use Autodesk 360 or other services like Dropbox or Googledrive.


So how does that deal with finding things like AcadDoc.lsp?
Can you path the support paths to local drives so third party software works?
Without that, you are back to LT and its a bit disappointing you and other marketers do not mention anything about it. You know Acad is what it is due to customization abilities, yet its as if its forgotten. Anything you can say about that? Is it assumed the demo will answer all that?

also, did you mean you cannot open local files?

AutiCAD is not in this specific technology preview, but we have dealt with lsp and files in a hosted environment previews in the past with a custom build of the product. Currently the four Autodesk applications Inventor, Revit, 3ds Max, and Maya are the standard desktop products but the BIG story is the environment they are running on and accessing them using HTML5 in a naked web browser.


I can open files on the local Amazon instance machine. I just have to get them to that instance using Autodesk 360, Dropbox, Google drive, etc.

Untenable for many - most of our projects are confidential and/or secure, and must live on a local server. I would guess that most clients will not want their project design (which they are paying to have developed) living on a remote server, over which their hired design professional has zero control. Has anyone asked the paying clients if they want to reliquish all control of their project data to the shareholders of autodesk, and anyone else who hacks into the autodesk Fog?

Personally I think its a great idea and the future, but not practicable for many at the moment due to failures in broadband/cable infrastructure in many countries. Many in the UK and other places in the world have varying broadband speeds which surely will affect the performance of the software. I know many people that struggle to get more than 3Mbps and struggle to operate remote desktop software. Even if the idea means you don't need a powerful computer surely you need a decent internet connection for the system to operate and in many rural areas (at least in Europe) this is just not possible. Hopefully you will tell me I'm wrong and say it doesn't need a good internet connection!

Unless you are storing and working on your client's files offline, your network security is not likely to be close to what Amazon cloud services provide. As more and more Hollywood movies are made using cloud resources, this issue will disappear completely.

thank you for this news. how will the licence work with 3dsmax. Must we buy another licence ?

Completely correct that many clients, especially with feature films and network television, want absolute control over their media and this won't fly.

Also, was there any mention of this being a subscription service? It can't be free.

This would be great though for learning these apps if they are full feature versions and not cut down "learning editions".

it will be great to have a deal where u can better calculate the softwarecost/klient

155minutes of work in environment cost xxx cent...

so u dont need to pay subscription or lots of money in software u just need once a month...

great stuff...

What about plugins and related software like FumeFX? How do we get that? Could you provide an option for the developers to Autodesk to confirm that the customer bought the software and enable that function for your version of that autodesk software?

Unless there was a deal with 3rd party developers on plugins or other various software (via a confirmation that the consumer bought said 3rd party software) I don't see this immediately happening. The hoops that the developers have to go through would have to be minimal.

You have admin rights on the AMI. Give it a spin - you can install pretty much anything.

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