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01 November 2013


Great! That was probably the first AutoCAD I used...

Great Scott!! You need 1.2 gigawatts to run that program!! ;)

That would be great! I'd love to be able to dial in and play around with AutoCAD 2.18! It's been a long time since I've used an '80s version. Started on 3.0.


I remember well ACAD R2.1x but I began with R1.4 !
ACAD R2.5 with the ssget Lisp function was for me the real beginning of Lisp ...
And of course I played with ACAD R10/R11/R12 on MacIntosh ...
I used also ACAD R2.5x - R13 on many different Unix Workstations : SUN, HP

Bye, Pat

I remember that program. Back in the day we were told computers had to be in a cold room to run properly, so those of us on AutoCAD sat in a refrigerated room, huddled over the keyboard in our coats. Good times. I remember the tabletop plotter, too. I could sit for hours watching the pens draw the picture up! I probably looked at it the same way people did when they first saw the automobile, lol.

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