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30 October 2013


I personally enjoy doing my best to keep them on the line as long as I can, by telling them I doing what they ask me to do, but it's not working. I keep asking silly questions about why the computer is not working correctly, all the while not touching my keyboard. I kept them on the line for around 10 minutes before they finally hang up in frustration. I figure that 10 minutes keeps them from hassling someone else who might not know they are a phony.

I have a friend who is a whiz at software programming, so he is aware of these scams before the general public hears about them. He warned his family members about this scam and told them not to fall for it. Then one day, they called his house where his fourteen year-old son answered the phone and knew right away what was going on, and he asked hit mother "Mom? It's that computer scam dad told us about.. can I be RUDE to the guy?" to which his mother said "go ahead, dear", and then the son replied to the scammer on the other end "No thank you, and you can suck my d... "

The mother broke down into hysterical laughter and promptly posted the experience on Facebook

Just had a call from "Adam" saying it would only take 5 minutes for him to help fix my computer that had vicious malware - how did he know? Told him several times if he would send me an e-mail, I would walk thru the process myself - finally he just hung up! Jerk!

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