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06 August 2013


My question regarding UCS is the following.
Is it possible to make UCSICON @ Noorgin
whenever I open new drawing?
Also when working on 3D, I want to shift
quickly from one view to the other, how do I do that?

thanks for the tip

Hello Shaan,
I'm an old school autocad user and set up command line shortcuts for everthing.
I want to access preset views in the command line, i.e. RI = right view... .
Do you know how, or if someone has written a script to do that?

With the VIEW command it takes the command plus a few clicks I would like to avoid.

William Lyons

Here is some lisp to do it for you. You can put this in your startup suite.

(defun c:ri() (command "-view" "ortho" "ri"))

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