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19 July 2013


Thank you for the interesting article. I was wondering what the system requirements were for AutoCAD 1.0. Do you have anything on that? I was also wondering what the system requirements were for Revit 1.0.

Regards, Tim

AutoCAD 1.0 was never sold, but 1.1 was and the requirements were 8086 based

I honestly dont know what Revit 1.0 system requirements were except what is on Google and forums.


As I recall, as the first purchaser of the first copy sold of AutoCAD for IBM PC, its version was labeled as 1.13. I ordered it in December 1882 and I received it much earlier in 1983 than May, I think in January or February. It did come with some documentation in a thin white 3-ring binder, with a cover sheet in the slipcover similar to the one you show, but the date if any had to have been earlier than May. This documentation was sparse, but there weren't very many commands and features in the program at that time anyway. In March or April, I received an unofficial "beta" copy of 1.14, which I needed to support my bleeding-edge 720x350 pixel Hercules monochrome graphics card, LOL. I had to cut traces and solder in a toggle switch to make the Hercules card coexist with the IMB color card, to create what was probably the first dual monitor AutoCAD system.

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