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26 July 2013


Autodesk sucks when it comes to the Autodesk University set up and registration.
Every year that I have attend. I had to Bitch to get things fixed. Then a week later and it's broken all over again. My account with subscription works but for the Au it sucks and is very unstable. One day it may work and the next it is broken. This is happening to other people as well. It seems Autodesk, after all these years they would plan ahead and do a transparent transition but that seems not the case. Come on Autodesk, Get it right and quit screwing up. They blame it on the Internet explorer but thats a crock it happens with

I am sorry you had a poor experience and will make sure your feedback is provided to the proper AU contacts. Some had mentioned on social media they had a much better experience this year than in the past so it appears especially in your case we need to make sure we improve more or at least understand where the issue is as it could be browser pain which is a common issue not just for Autodesk but prevalent on the web. I know for me the IE 11 pre-release is a horrible experience with websites and has now forced me to use Chrome as my default browser.

Shaan Hurley

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