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13 May 2013


I would love it if the features/bugs in the Autodesk Beta web interface could be given community votes for priority. Similar to how Reddit's upvote/downvote buttons work.

It would be nice to see the feature requests users love the most rising to the top, and it would be just one more layer of data for you guys making roadmaps for new features and *cough* existing/old *cough* bugs ;)

Just a thought.

Keep on being awesome.

Thank you for the feedback. Funny you should ask for the ranking and voting ability for defects etc. as that should be available by this Summer.


EE's aren't just nominated based on their Autodesk community forum contribution. But also social media contributions, blogging & beta efforts. :) I'd like to see more recognition for beta testers within that program since they are the unsung heroes of the Autodesk community. A lot of them never participate in any 'Social' activities outside the beta feedback community, as a result their outstanding effort goes unnoticed outside of those forums. It would be nice if there was a way of acknowledging that without breaking NDA.

Nice write up Shaan

Thank you. We are considering a method of recognition for the top beta testers. Having been one myself, I know the risk and hard work by beta testers. The tough part is scoring as that system will be possible soon, but defects and feedback shouldn't be based on quantity - but quality rates by someone.

Maybe we create a Elite Elite Experts group. ;-)

Maybe "Elite Bleeding Edge" group.

I am not bothered about recognition, I just enjoy the fights we have in the AutoCAD forum. They are addictive though, I have regularly gone through the night trying to sort some bug out, the joys of the different time zones.

Hi Mr. Hurley. Quick question: May I install Autocad Beta as second Autocad license at the office, so i can use it more frequently in my free-time?

You can install on more than one machine normally. Just ask in the beta project discussion forum to be sure but most have at least a 3 activations per license.

Best Regards

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