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22 May 2013


Hip-hip - ARRAY!

The Array tool is one of many new tools that can only be fully implemented through the Ribbon.
Autodesk needs to remember when adding tools/enhancements, they need to provide access to them through the classic menu and dialog box routes as well as the ribbon.
Not everyone uses the ribbon, and these new tools are becoming more and more inaccessible.

Gavin, I think the point Autodesk is slowly making is that we better _start_ using the ribbon. I would like to hear an official comment from them, but I don't think they are going to support multiple UI elements forever. Look at the screen menu today.

That is indeed good news for old-AutoCAD fans.

Thanks for the tip, Shaan.


For me it is not a question of wnting to keep old habits. The list of things that I would change in AutoCAD is very long. The new version of the Array command is like many "improvements" that autodesk comes up with. Great in concept, flawed in execution. They really are poor at GUI design. They frequently confuse added features with improved function. An enlarged feature set is great, if it is well implemented. Example, the old dialogue box provided a clean way of setting up the offsets. The "new and improved" version is more powerful yet more cumbersome. That is a frequent problem with AutoCAD.

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