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08 March 2013


I love makerbots, but have not seen many real life things I would want to make with it. I don;t think they are good enough to make gears with for remote control airplanes and things. You need like 600 dpi instead of 300. I am waiting to see what will come out in the $1000 range that can make hi res sturdy parts. I still love the makerbot machines, and am making a 3 axis router so I can carve more solid material and more accurately. Fun stuff!

The 3D Printers are rapidly evolving in materials, resolution, and dropping in price. The new MakerBot model Replicator 2 with 100 micron resolution does very good compared to its Replicator 1 model just a few months back and others like the Mojo from Stratasys are aiming at the Prosumers. You can also use a online service like Shapeways.com or a local Maker/Hackerspace.

3D Printing is progressing at such a fast pace it is hard to keep up.

Check out the ShopBot for subtractive milling nirvana.

You should check out the ShopBot.

hmm, did you mention that 100 mincron number just to see if I could work out the dpi? Let me write a lisp and come back....ok, I'm getting 100/1000000*3.2808*12=.003937 inches = 254 dpi. That's worse than the 300 I thought. Its all the extruder head, not the steppers and lead screws. Still, I would love a mbot to show people.

You would be really surprised at what I create at 100 micron resolution. High detail and with an acetone finish to finish as a completely smooth surface finish. 100 micron is a tolerance used in many of todays traditional manufacturing methods before post processing.

For higher resolution and different process I am looking forward to a leased Mojo.

Check out this beauty! Formlabs

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