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14 March 2013


Shaan this is awesome except the akamai installer isn't finishing the download job - it fails to initiate the trial's download after installing akamai.

I don't know what to0 tell you on the Akamai downloader it works for me.

Choose the alternate download method option mentioned in the download dialog as it will provide the direct download option for your browser.

If you cannot complete the installation,

I didn't know, that is nice!

hmm, I'll have to have someone here try acad on their mac. I had not heard it was full strength, but hey, if the apple users are ok with the apps for iphone compared to android, I'm sure they would not mind a watered down acad (macad...). Curious to see how much though.

Hello Shaan,

Does this also work for AutoCAD LT?

Can it be done in all countries?


AutoCAD LT licenses (everywhere) support cross platform licensing.


Hey Shaan,

Is this only valid for AutoCAD 2013 or does it work with previous versions (2010-2012)?
Also, where do you find serial numbers on a Mac? I read they are located in the registry on PC's, but we have 2 Macs at work with licensed software that we are trying to transfer over to PC's, and no physical disks, boxes, subscription centers, etc.

This is excellent news, thanks for sharing it.

I assume this isn't just technically possible but also legally acceptable; is it documented anywhere, such as in the EULAs?

More info on Cross Licensing:

Some notes for people that are going to do this, please check out this post:


Thank you David!

Will this deactivate the existing install on the Windows machines (for example) or will I be able to run BOTH versions simultaneously??

It will not deactivate the other.

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