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26 March 2013


Hi Shaan, is 2014 (AutoCAD and Revit) a new file format?

I am not sure on Revit, but AutoCAD is the same DWG file format as AutoCAD 2013.


I wrote that summary article for D&M Shaan ;-)

Thank you Scott, I will update the credit.

Hi Shaan, is there any news of the release of Autocad 2014 for Mac?


The native Mac AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are on another schedule. Not to be considered any indication of a ship date, but AutoCAF for Mac 2013 was August last year due to Apple schedules.


Shann have you come across any issues with autocad lt 2014 with widows 8, plotter issues? The plotter is a HP Designjet T790.

We recently upgraded to 2014 lt and now I can't get any of my dwg files to plot to scale. If I convert to a pdf, I use Primo, then it will print to full size, but from a dwg it only prints 11x17. It recognizes the paper size and feed the appropriate amount of paper to do and E size but will only have a 11x17 drawing in the lower right corner.


We are not aware of any issues but I suspect perhaps the HP provided driver might have been updated or Primo.


Hi Shaan,

I don't know if this has been answered before, but I'm about to buy an AutoCAD 2013 Mac, and would like to know if I will still have to pay fully/separately for the 2014 mac version when it becomes available.
...and just before I go, I'd like to know if you have any Idea how I can get the AutoCAD 2013mac at a (much) cheaper rate than the quoted US$4159.... Here in Africa, thats NOT cheap!!!

Arc. John

I am not in sales but upgrades from one release to the next are much cheaper than buying a full version, and if you get on subscription you get the new releases.

Autodesk products are free for students (students.autodesk.com) just in case you might be one.

Best Regards,

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