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26 March 2013


Thanx a lot for the "enhancement". Another "feature" I have to disable on new installs. Need the space for the drawing, tabs belong into the taskbar... very intelligent feature

They don't work for me anyway. I see blank tabs, no file names on it.

Something might be confused in your installation or environment. Without more details I can't really offer any tips or solutions. It would be interesting to know and a clue if your Layout tabs did the same.


Hi, Shaan. Sorry for late reply. I have already reported the issue to support. I was right in my guesses unfortunately. They were able to replicate the error, in win 7 64 bit Turkish.

As usual every year, there is always problem with autodesk products, in Turkish windows operating systems. You may ask, "Hey isn't Autodesk sell products there from their very beginning?", well yes they do. But it seems that even this huge company is not aware of these localization problems while developing their flagship product.

Last year it was all 360 features, look they seem still problematic. I had to redo my shortcuts, and UI setup today.

I apologize for the issue. Localized defects are tricky and hard to find as you cannot find everything unfortunately. We even have an office in Istanbul, and I have presented there. We certainly consider Turkey one of our growing and important markets.

I would suggest joining beta testing to test the pre-release products on your local language OS to help us capture issues like this in the future. You can join beta at http://beta.autodesk.com. While most products betas have completed, you will be a candidate in the Fall when the majority of beta projects start back up.

Shaan Hurley

Thanks Shaan,
Of course I'd be glad if I could help with the beta. But this issue doesn't need to be well tested to be spotted. It is there right when you install it :). I tried with the second machine, this time win 8 pro TR, the same issue there.

How do you rename a layout tab with these new file tabs? tried right clicking them and nothing happens

This is the behavior I am expecting when I see the layouts after hovering over the new File tabs: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=2893228&linkID=9240817

James, You cant rename them currently.

Love the file tabs, but they disappear when changing work spaces. Have to filetabclose and then filtab to get them back every time a workspace is changed. This part I don't like so much.

Thank you for the feedback Jeff. I will make sure the team is aware of your feedback.

Any clue as to the problem and how to correct the issue?


I really don't know the possible reason other than it just may be a defect (bug.)

file tab always hung in my autocad 2014 when point my mouse cursor always hung not good for autocad,. how can i disable this file tab?


Have you tried testing in safe mode to rule out a video or mouse driver issue as it sounds like a system issue? If you want to disable the feature you can simply go to the Option>Display and look for File Tabs and uncheck it.


I could use an easier way to turn the tabs off. They cause bleed through from one open dwg to another so I turned them off, but they keep coming back. I do not use the ribbon as it contains few commands that I actually use (or has them buried), and DOESN'T contain many that I do. Turning the ribbon on always messes up my toolbars.

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