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09 January 2013


Why then would I entertain the thought of using any 'cloud' based software?

Apples and Oranges. But cloud based software and servers are FAR more secure than your current average computers in your office or home. Employees can take them home, leave them in cars, leave them on desks while away from the office, leave them at their home while on vacation, don't run or update anti virus or a firewall, and connect all the time to public wifi or unsecured wifi. People in the big Amazon and a couple more top tier data centers are far more secure with their DMZ and process than most goverments, and then there is the 256+ bit encrytion.

Is it because of restrictive costs that Autodesk has chosen to not bring realtime rendering of the kind seen in Showcase to the cloud ?


When you say real time I take that to mean a rendered graphical viewport with textures and lighting. Real time viewport rendering so you can rotate an objects with textures and lighting needs a beefy GPU, and a local GPU is currently better for that specific task as opposed to rendering a scene.

We do have some technologies pushing the envelope on this, and no doubt faster Internet to transfer graphics faster from faster hosted CPU/GPU farms will make it even more possible and transparent. We could always host the GPU operations local but the data and much of the non graphical computations in the cloud for the fastest and highest quality solution possible.

Thank you very much.

Another serious USB thumb drive infection.

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