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31 January 2013


You have a makerbot??? Awesome.
I am in the process of making a 3 axis router using netduino as controller. I got to get a blog going.

Yes I have had a MakerBot for over a year even printing my head, geological structures like Delicate Arch after Laser Scanning it, cabbage moth deterrents, and dryer replacement parts all on the blog. I want to get a ShopBot next.


Hey Shaan,

Nokia has released models for 3D printing custom back panels for their Lumia 820.




Ooooor you can always guest post on someone else's blog... just saying. ;)


I love seeing the spread of and enthusiasm for this tech!

Thanks Melanie.

"I want to see a day where the manufacturers of consumer goods provide free or a for a small fee replacement parts or custom modifications that you can purchase online and then pickup at your local FedEx Kinkos"

I have been involved in 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) for more than 10 years
recently the spindle in my mouse wheel broke. I use Autodesk Inventor to model the part and printed out a new part. It will be great when we can order replacement parts and have them printed as needed. Imagine going to Mars and having something break (or technology changes since design was set in stone), the spacecraft returning to earth could be significantly different than the one that left.
When I started in this field we had a $60k machine that didn't work as well as this $1.3k machine. http://cubify.com/cube/ at this price it could be a Christmas gift for a 9-yr old kid. Start inventing.

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