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15 January 2013


They get leprosy, too

I've responded with a blog post of my own:


I personally find it rude for you to post your comments on my post to your blog. You attack me as if this post was an official post of Autodesk somehow portraying people and readers that do not accept change in technology as “luddites” which is simply untrue. If you want an official Autodesk statement contact Autodesk PR as my blog has always been first and foremost my opinions and disclaimed as such. This post was my own personal commentary on the armadillos and technology after hearing about how the armadillos never change their paths and run into objects placed on their established paths. I did not say you should accept all changes in technology but instead meant that important ones that are changing an industry or competitive field are ones that should not be ignored or you and/or your employer could face a bleak future much like the armadillo running into walls or traps. Luckily you adapted to change when the world went from typewriter to computer, from pencil to CAD for design, and you would not be insulting me in public view without the Internet and instead be sending me a letter by snail mail.

I have feeling it is the use of the term “cloud” that hit your hot button to spur your research armadillo species and populations of North America and then use it to somehow portray me as attempting mislead people you referred to as “lemming” as well as perhaps update your blog and increase your traffic with this sensationalized editorial response. The cloud is not all bad as we use it daily more than we know like Dropbox, Evernote, Spotify, iTunes, Google Docs, AutoCAD WS and much more and can benefit by it not only for storage and collaboration but the ability to use more computational power instantly than your desktop has available and reducing tasks that take hours and reducing to minutes and sharing the data with your team which saves time and money. Not everyone will accept all change in technology, but wanting more people to be like armadillos or reject all change is silly and extreme. Lighten up and accept that change is ever present and has to be dealt with on an individual basis as well as industry or technology.

Did someone spank you as a child too much or take away your beloved security blanket or binky too soon in life? You are such a nice guy in person, but sit you behind a keyboard and you seem to take pleasure in attempting to tar and feather online the people and companies you know.

Shaan, if you put your opinions out there in public you should be prepared for public responses. I actually started writing my response here but as my response grew longer and included links it became cumbersome so I did it on my blog instead. Nothing rude about that at all. It also gives my opinion equal exposure, total editorial freedom and no fear of censorship, such as your removal of the links from my post above. Good move all round, I'd say.

I don't consider my particular response insulting, either. Certainly nowhere near as insulting as the implication in your post or your childish insults and collection of straw men in the comment I'm replying to.

You might recall that I was earlier into the CAD-related online world than you were, back in the CIS:ACAD days. I'm very happy to see the benefits the Internet provides when it's used appropriately. The online world has many advantages, and one of them is that people are free to discuss subjects as they see fit and disagree with personal and corporate viewpoints.

The Internet doesn't belong to Autodesk. You have no control over it, and never will have. So get over it and put away the hypersensitivity, it's not a good look. Instead, why not do something positive? Take the advice in my blog post and investigate ways in which Autodesk can actively and interactively engage with the concerned community about its Cloud push.

Shaan, Shaan, Shaan,
Looked at from my perspective your Armadillo analogy, Shaan, can easily be applied to Autodesk (YOUR EMPLOYER) and many Autodesk staff. People who have chosen to follow a software development path of SELF convenience with NO intention of changing direction to accommodate existing customers’ real requirements.

What you are alluding to is rubbish and you should have known better and displayed some wisdom by keeping your – initial and I’m offended – comments between your ears*.

As for your comments, in general and as a whole; no disclaimer can remove the fact you are a well known Autodesk employee and as such ALL your comments are linked to Autodesk whether you like it or not; again the application of a little wisdom would not go astray.

What I see is you over reacting to the word cloud as a whole and not certain technologies. I don't understand how you come to the idea of telling Autodesk to get over it as it doesn't own the Internet, of course they don't, nobody owns the Internet.

There is no need to just be against everything change, or all things "cloud". In the end each person must evaluate technologies whether it be a new car, SSD hard drive, cable tv or satellite TV or cut the cables, laptop or tablet, or using technologies that don't run on your desktop. I have used cloud based technologies for years and they are growing and a majority of people use cloud technologies in some form on their iPhone or Android smartphone, tv, computer like Evernote, Dropbox, Netflix, Spotify, Google Apps, and may not even think about them. There will be some that cannot or will not use any cloud technologies due to no internet access, concerns or fears, or just wanting to stay the same.

I encouraged Shaan to open the comments back up, and he did. Thank you Shaan. Yes, there are critics here, and you have the right to censor rude comments, and should.
I simply encourage you to keep the parts that convey useful info. Sooner or later, Autodesk will attempt an autocad SAAS version. People like Steve have predicted failure for it, and you know Autodesk will proclaim success. I think more info on what Autodesk is trying to do in that area would go a long way. Can you comment on anything you have seen for an SAAS AutoCad? WS is not even close, it should not wear the AutoCad name at all IMO.

Shaan, we mostly only care about the specific idea of AutoCad going SAAS.
So when Autodesk keeps talking about cloud things, yet avoids an SAAS acad, it gets frustrating. If I know Autodesk, this silence is never a good thing for some upcoming product launch.

Thank you for your feedback James and I just needed time to publish the comments. I have no information I can share for a cloud hosted version of AutoCAD. If or when we consider that beyond AutoCAD WS we will always talk to users for their feedback. The AutoCAD LT trial is currently as a hosted trial as that remote access to the software isnt really cloud but allows someine to quicky test a piece of software without downloading and the install.

I do not know of any product launch you are mentioning. Currently the only cloud hosted AutoCAD-like product is AutoCAD WS. We do have a few other non AutoCAD products in the cloud including one that really is amazing and that is Fusion 360 in beta and mechnical deisgners can sign up for at http://www.autodesk.com/fusion360.

Return of the straw men. Sorry, I'm not interested in arguing on a basis that starts with me having to dispute a gross misrepresentation. I'll make my points in my own way on my own blog; you're welcome to comment on them.

We will have to agree to disagree. I wont be posting on your blog, nor reading that specific post assailing and twisting my words.

I'd have thought the "software as a service" model is inevitable for AutoDesk at some point in the future. If you are a small company and need a licence for say a 3 month project then the SAAS model could provide the flexibility you need.

I'm not a huge fan of reliance on the cloud due to reliability issues e.g. Wifi/3G network coverage problems but it has its uses

So you won't be reading what is possibly the world's most active independent AutoCAD-related blog, because... what? You don't like being disagreed with when you insult your customers? You might see something there that doesn't align with the Autodesk corporate line? Whatever, your choice. Nice example of Autodesk listening to its customers, though.

You are correct that I will not be reading your twisted interpretation and insults. You know better than to insinuate I don't listen to customers or insult them as that is both ridiculous and slanderous.

Perhaps before claiming to be top independent blog you should review the web rankings. http://www.draftingservices.com/blog/top-cad-blogs-of-2012

I see many technologies that may make best sense best in the cloud and some that are not or may not be for a quite some time. What Autodesk does in the future is yet to be seen and I cannot speak to that except to point you to what has been publicly discussed by Autodesk leadership at events like the recent Autodesk University keynote and a couple leadership forum as well as other public events.

Check out: AU 2012:
Keynote Address
AU 2012 Keynote: 4 – Carl Bass, CEO and President Autodesk, Inc.

There were other detailed cloud discussions covering security and more like Andrew Anagnost's innovation forum

The Reality of the Cloud

Shaan, ignore what you don't agree with, but understand that the lack of Autodesk participation in its own DG's, and sites like Steve's, is exactly what causes us to see things in a negative way. I don't think your armadillo analogy was meant to insult us, but what does is the pattern of Autodesk doing things without consulting us, then telling us its for our own good. Your story fits that pattern, and the resentment follows swiftly from our end. If you just said something like "it was just a story, I know change strategy is complicated and risky", anyone making your story a big deal would look oversensitive. Software development has to be very interactive. I would encourage you to participate in all blogs, critical or friendly.

no worries, its just that until some SAAS acad shows up - something that supports apis and menus - this talk of cloud by autodesk is not very meaningfull. In other words, Autodesk is spending its advertising capital for nothing. I don't mean money by capital, I mean attention and trust from customers.

It's slanderous to point out that likening people to stupid animals is insulting? Good luck with that one in court.

Perhaps you should read what I write more carefully, rather than leaping to wrong conclusions and believing your own twisted interpretations. You've been proven totally wrong about my motives in the past, and that trend shows no sign of abating.

For example, you twisted "possibly the world's most active independent AutoCAD-related blog" into an absolute claim to be "top independent blog", then interpreted that already faulty interpretation to be a claim to have the top web ranking.

It wasn't - I meant "active" in terms of your customers' active participation in comments and polls. That is, exactly the sort of place where someone who claims to listen to customers would be expected to take an active interest, *particularly* if the viewpoints being expressed there by customers vary from the corporate view.

Again, pointing out the contradiction there is slanderous?

Thanks for the link, though. It shows in terms of web ranking, mine is 5th independent AutoCAD-related blog and higher than the vast majority of Autodesk blogs, including those from prominent Autodesk personalities. Not a huge margin between the top blogs, though. Good to see Jimmy and Robin on top of the pile; that's well-deserved.

Please take this elsewhere as the sport of insults and jab comments by you are not accomplishing anything or appreciated. To your claim of proving me wrong, the other direction is also true.

We have to agree to disagree and move beyond this.

When I asked SolidWorks execs if they read Matt Lombard's blog, they deny it. Pity. It's important to broaden one's mind by reading stuff that disagrees with one's worldview.

Boys, boys, boys..

The time you're spending arguing, insulting each other and generally arsing about on the internet is time you could better spending doing any of the following:

a) Shut down your computer and rest your eyes
b) go outside and breath fresh eye
c) hug someone
d) Crack on with something constructive.

Life is precious and painfull short. The time you're spending here is time you won't get back..

Hugs and kisses


I read all sources I can, good and bad and always have and also reach out to all sides and most can affirm that. The same is true in projects I have managed as I have recruited customers and non-customers on all sides of the to make sure an accurate picture and representation was considered. In this specific case I just don't agree with my words being twisted for something it was not, and will not be visiting that post or resulting comments as it was a personal attack to get web traffic in my personal opinion. I am sure you have had similar experiences in your many years. There is no need to go watch people dogpile you for fun.

Thank you Al. deep breath in, breath out - ahhhhh. I just wish this nonsense would fade away.

So many people who still wish AutoCAD Release 9 was the industry standard...

Air. Not eye.. Obviously..

Man... I want my Math Co-Processor back..

No. Wait.

No I don't.

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