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24 January 2013


And I thought you read my blog...


Just kidding! Belarc is great, and I used the report to triage my existing pc when deciding what to reinstall/add to a new one.

Have yet to go SSD, looking at a Windows 8 UltraTabBook which will definitely have it but yet to find my perfect mix of features, build quality and size...

I definitely read your blog, but my memory cannot index or store all things I read.

You should check out a SSD drives as the prices are dropping and the performance is crazy fast. You can even just have one smaller SSD for the OS and applications and then a second mechanical drive for the data files and other stuff that you might feel are lower priority.

I agree re the memory thing. One reason I started blogging was to share/store tips etc.

Find it somewhat embarrassing, if useful, to do a web search to solve a problem and then find the answer on my own blog!

How funny! I have also Googled a problem and found the answer was on my blog before. I now use the search on my blog like a supplementary memory for myself. Someday I may just forget most everything and just Google it all, unless I forget how to Google...

I am looking at early plans for my next sabbatical and might just spend part of it in NZ. I will definitely plan on meeting up with my kiwi friends on both islands.


Hi Shaan,

If you end up coming to NZ, please do come and visit us at CADPRO in the South Island.


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