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04 January 2013


Congratulations Shaan. You inspired me to get involved in this whole blog thing - which resulted in some amazing experiences - and have been instrumental in building a social media community in the CAD world.

There are too many memories to mention, a search for Shaan on my blog http://rcd.typepad.com/ gives over 1500 results!, but here's a few photos :-)


Thank you for the kind words. I have so many memories with you and hope to visit you and all my kiwi friends again someday.


Ouch baby, very ouch.

Don't take it out on me just because you can't spell C++.

Congratulations on 15 years at the desk Shaan.

As Always,
Your Friend Kurt

Love ya Kurt!

Thank you for all the nice wishes by email, phone, and social media. Most of the activity and a few funny photos lit up Facebook.


Congratulations Shaan. I first met you at the Salt Lake City User Group where I was with the local re-seller. I was a presenter and you did a "special" presentation just for the user's there (it was pretty cool). You inspired me to get more involved in the beta of AutoCAD, and I have always looked up to you as one of "the experts" of AutoCAD.

Keep up the blogging, and here's to another 15 years.

-Seth Cohen

Thank you Seth. Hope to see you around the valley again sometime. There is possibly a new user group forming.


Congratulations Shaan! Awesome milestone. You do a fantastic job of giving Autodesk a personable, approachable face to turn to. Your passion and tireless dedication is truly inspiring. The next 15 years at Autodesk will sure be interesting for you, and us (through your blog, or whatever replaces blogs next month.)

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