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01 December 2012


Lynn's Twitter feed said "Venetian/Palazzo" for next year https://twitter.com/Lynn_Allen/status/274619882153312257

I agree with the Mandalay, unless you are going to issue everyone Segways.

Other than Vegas, it's not easy to find a place that's inexpensive (hotel wise) and can accommodate 8-10K people. One of the main reasons it's Vegas and that week is because it's the slowest week in Las Vegas, and you can get hotel rooms for nothing. Also, everyone can easily fly to Vegas, as I believe it is the number one US City with the most direct flights from everywhere around the world (between Vegas and Orlando, and let's not go through that Swan and Dolphin fiasco again)

SF and SD are too expensive.

Austin would be interesting, as would somewhere like Nashville. Ultimately, it needs to be a hub city for ease of travel, or a fun, inexpensive city.

The Venetian is nice and preffered to Mndalay, perhaps my little bird was wrong.

For the record, the staff at Mandalay Bay was great. It's just the distances between venues, confusing layout and that gawdawful stamped concrete floor that make the Venetian much more attractive (IMHO, of course).

Assuming AU and F1 calendars remain similar (next year is 17/11/2013 Grand Prix of USA (Austin)) I can imagine Austin working. The thought of an F1 GP weekend then stay a week or so for AU201# would be rather awesome!

Oh, we had Jell-O shots - forgot about those snd probably some other things! Best AU party I've been too, and the impromptu Aussies/Kiwis/Autodeskers after party was the icing on the cake. :)

Glad to see it will be at the Venetian next year.

Oh that would be fantastic!

Where was this impromptu party?

MGM Grand, then onto the Nine Fine Irishmen bar at New York, New York (great band) and then back to the MGM Grand.

I have some co-workers here who attend the ESRI UC and from what I am told, the attendance for that event is in the 12-14k range - and it's held in San Diego. I'm not complaining about Las Vegas, but I wouldn't think 10k attendance would be a limiting factor for locations.

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