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04 December 2012


"#3 Ray Mendoza The ability to add more than one visibility parameter to a dynamic block"

This can be accomplished by using Lookup Parameters and hiding the visabilty tab.

I saw #10 on the Inventor wish list and thought "I can fix that," so I built an app to relabel all views sequentially and put it on the Inventor Exchange App store. It's called CPS View Relabeller.

Gavin, you are awesome!!!

True on a limited scale, but optimally, it would be desirable to be able to create subsets of objects and be able to control those individual subsets with the list of available views for each subset. Our Russian friends have used Autolisp to open up access to more of the object model and some of us are already creating elaborate multiple visibility state DB's. However, we would all welcome Autodesk's own version of this with support for future versions. Here are two links for more info:



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