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13 November 2012


Also....Get outside for fresh air, DAILY!!!!

Excellent point Sean!


There is an 'outside'!?!?!?!?!?!

How come no one ever told me this before?

I also suggest checking in with FourSquare. Its a fast and easy way to let people know where you are or to find out where other people are. FourSquare can automatically announce on Facebook and Twitter when you check in. Just make sure to include the #AU2012 when you check in somewhere.

My #1 AU tip: Don't be shy! AU works like gravity or magnetism - the experience varies inversely as the square of the distance you maintain between yourself and the rest of the AU crowd. Cut that distance in half by opening up at every chance, and you'll get 4 times the benefits from attending.

I still print my schedule and put it inside my credentials, always handy!

Lol ... I do totally call them Porn Crickets!

And Earl Kubaskie is totally right about not being shy. Personally I battle with my own shyness every year, but I encourage others to go wild!

- KFD -

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