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19 September 2012


I have been unable to access the online help for Autocad for a couple of releases, the program claims I am not connected to the internet. The online help for Revit structure works just fine.
If you refuse to provide a user manual with a complicated program such as this, you should at least provide a proper help system that does not require the internet. If the "cloud" based help system won't work, the how can I trust "cloud" base software?

Hi George. I also am fairly reluctant to try cloud based software. When I loaded my AutoCAD 2013 subscription I also tried the free Cloud storage that came with it. I got very excited until I found that although great in principal it really didn't do a great job. There was an annoying bug that kept telling me that there was a problem syncing with the cloud. Also the automatic backup storage idea seemed a good idea, but it needed huge amounts of storage space as every time you hit the save button it not only backed it up but kept the previous versions also. Used a lot of my upload quota with my internet provider very quickly.... I think I'll wait a while (until the problems are sorted) before I will try anything "Cloud" based again.

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