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08 July 2012


I have Civil 3D and do not have the architectural menu. I am having the same proxy object problems with older drawings that I am trying to use in 2013. 2013 does not recognize the older drawing's proxys and the other versions don't recognize 2013's... kind of a catch 22.

Hello Shaan

I have pure Autocad plus Enablers (Civil 3D, MEP, ..), and I don't know why - my PC creates DWG with AEC entries ...

And - as really problem - inserting these DWGs as block into another DWG, it is internally scaled with factor 25.4 (conversion 1 inch = 25.4 mm).

After uninstallling the Civil-enabler all problems are gone. The command "AECTOACAD is unknown"?

What to do?



You have drawings with AEC objects and as long as you keep using them as blocks or templates they will have these. The AECTOACAD command is part of the enabler, so when you uninstalled the enabler you lose that command.

Hi Shaan,

We have an issue where we have a drawing that has proxy objects that can not be removed. We have exhausted all methods above and many more. We tried true view, converted from microstation to multiple formats and to dxf. The dxf shows listings for prozy entities but nothing as to whether or not they are AEC specific.

We use Civil3d and often get drawings from architects with AEC objects. We have not had an issue in the past but the particular proxy graphics will not remove or show themselves with any object enablers or veticals.

I believe there is no way to remove them as there appears to not be anything to get at the objects. All this would not be a big deal however this drawings happens to be our master plan. What makes this a major issue is that any newly created entities in this file (or a completely stripped down file with nothing) will bring with it 5 megs of the proxy data with it. Thus propogating to many files.

Is there something else we can do to either by force to gut the drawing of any and all prox entities or at least stop the reactors or mechanisims that bring the proxies with it when salvaging the drawing forwad?




I am not sure what ARX application created them and what they are referenced to without seeing a drawing. If you do not need to roundtrip the drawing data back to Civil 3D or other firms that might need the proxy objects, then you could look into a tool like SuperPurge


Thanks for the help. I will check into superpurge. Any drawing that has this data will propagate the extra baggage if anything is taken from it via copyclip, insert, etc. Being that it is our base file it will eventually be shared into other exhibits and continue on. Nothing in the dxf gave clues to the origin of the thrid party objects :( I can send you the offending file if would like to kick it around.

Thanks again for your help and your great blog!

The developer Owen Wengerd is a master at exercising demons from files. You can also email me the file zipped up to shaan@utodesk.com

I have tried everything I can possibly think of for removing the crazy blocks I have in my file. I am using ACAD LT 2012. It has now showed up in 3 of my files (separate jobs - not linked together at all). I have blocks in my file that have "been created with a newer version of the program". I can't remove them at all nor can I paste into my file with out this error message coming up about newer items, yadda yadda. All I know is I'm about to be a bald woman because of this crazy problem. It just started last week, and has gotten progressively worse. I've tried the suggestions above and I get this "Command not allowed because drawing contains objects from a newer version of this application."

Help me work properly!!!

I am not aware of what ObjectARX application the proxy objects are from. You should be able to DXFOUT and then create a new drawing and DXFIN. There are also 3rd party applications like SuperPurge to remove all proxy objects.


Had to have a coworker with ACAD 2013 loaded implement this command, but it worked. Thanks!

Glad it worked. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Educational product is free and to prevent educational product used in commercial work carries the educational watermark. There is no legal way to remove it without violating the license agreement. If you want a watermark free there is a special priced for students educational version.

Best Regards

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