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19 June 2012


If you are right handed, will they do the left arm first? This way when they eventually do the right arm and you are forced to use your left hand, at least it will be a left that is in great shape. I tore my left rotator cuff while pushing a Ford Mustang up a hill. My daughter ran out of gas. If only there was a gauge for such things. I just left it alone and don't do jumping jacks (which really hurts).

I am right-handed and the right-arm is being done first as it is the worst of the two. One handed typing for awhile.

Ouch. I say it's from lugging around all that tech gear over the years. ;)

Speedy recovery Shaan!

Yes still lugging two laptops, three cameras, two mobile phones, portable power units, and a host of peripherals.

Ugh. sorry to hear. Hopefully you will get an assistant for AU? Perhaps now is the time to look into dictation software...

Are you so far gone that physio won't help?

Tried PT but with the tear it made things worse and they need to work on the bursa as well. I would have preferred a non-surgical option but tried all of them.

Shaan, I'm sorry to hear about this and wish you all the best with your treatment and recovery.

I put up with a right-side rotator cuff injury for about 5 years following a tear I sustained while lifting my kids' trampoline. I couldn't lift my arm much above vertical or up behind my back without pain. It didn't improve and if anything appeared to be getting worse.

When I started fencing it got in the way of some things I wanted to do, so I asked my GP about it. I had some scans done and was just told it was rotator cuff syndrome, surgery would have been too drastic, and basically to just put up with it.

At fencing training, I did various stretches with everybody else, including one where you put one hand over your shoulder down your back and the other up behind your back and try to touch them together and hold for 10 seconds. I couldn't do this with my right hand up behind my back; there was a big gap.

After some months I noticed that things weren't quite as tight as they were, and after maybe a year I got a shock when my fingers touched. A few months later and I was able to easily bind my hands together in a monkey grip. At this point, my rotator cuff syndrome symptoms had vanished altogether.

As for what caused this improvement, there are lots of possible causes. During the same timeframe, I had lost weight, gained muscle and become generally much fitter. I had also started taking Omega 3 and gave up sugary drinks, but I think the most likely cause is simply the repeated stretches over a long period.

The usual caveats apply; one anecdote is not statistically significant, your injuries may well be different from mine, and correlation does not equal causation. AutoCAD gained a Ribbon about the same time as my improvement started, so maybe that's what caused it? But I'll go with the stretches.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Maybe it's time to cut down the travel kit, to just one of each device at least!

Update: In some real pain currently after yesterday's shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear and bursa took longer than planned and had some complications during recovery and only got home tonight. I am unable to get my oxygen levels back up to safe levels and am wearing supplied oxygen until they see if it subsides.

The shoulder surgery is extremely painful right now even taking some hard pain meds like morphine and darvocet. I sure hope this phase heals and passes soon. And to think I have to do this again on my left shoulder...

Thank you for all the nice comments and emails.

Getting older, is getting old.

Yeah, I know, getting old sucks. But not as much as the alternative. Speedy recovery, mate.

Hi Shaan,

Last year I dislocated my left shoulder with the medical name, "luxatio erecta". According to the slightly creepy, attending physician at the ER that night, this was a rare kind of dislocation that only affects 1-3% of people who dislocate their shoulders. In the process of dislocating my shoulder, I tore my rotator cuff and fractured the top of my left arm (the humeral head). This resulted in the immediate need for surgery and months of physical therapy before I was back to my customary range of motion.

Dislocating my shoulder was the worst pain I've ever felt. I immediately went from being normal, to not being able to tie my own shoes. Suddenly, all the little mundane things I took for granted – like taking a shower or putting on a shirt – were difficult and painful.

Be faithful about the PT that I assume will follow. If you slack off on it, it will only take longer to get better and may affect whether you ever get back to 100%.

I did a lot of one-handed typing during that time but for longer things I relied on Dragon Dictate. That made it possible to do long writing sessions without killing me.

Good luck,

Did the pain make you scream like a Hyrax?

15 months ago I had repair for a SLAP lesion in my R shoulder (seems like an often related injury to rotator cuff), also caused by throwing things I'm certain! I too underestimated effect of surgery or the time of recovery. I had my right arm completely immobilised for 6 weeks post surgery. Surgeon even forbade me to lift a computer mouse for 2 weeks! Good care and PT for 6 months post surgery means I do have a full recovery though.

Hope the recovery is progressing well Shaan.


the injuries must have something to do with the blue man group thing you did in AU years back. All that hanging upside down just to please customers, that is dedication!

I've had two surgerys on my right shoulder in less than a year. Now my right shoulder is hurting,has a constant pain even with still taking pain pills for my right shoulder. Haven't told my doctor yet,scared I might have to have surgery on it. Has any one else had this happen?

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