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15 June 2012


You should make it your new ring tone Shaan, it'll be sure to get your attention!

Scott, I do not ever want to hear a Hyrax again.

After hearing that Shaan, I think spicy Hydrax stew is a brilliant idea... trouble is you'll need a lot 'em...

I had a neighbor who kept peacocks. They scream in the early morning hours.

The translation is "Look everyone he's using an iPhone...should have got a Samsung Galaxy S2.."

Neil, I have both but my Samsung Galaxy SII was out of battery.

LOL - I have the same problem with my S2 (but I don't have a fallback iPhone......)

An interesting little bugger...

Our friends in kenya are getting all permisions to send you want to your home as a new garden pet :) they are so cute!


When you get your Hyrax you'll want to be sure to put in an order for an Augur Buzzard just in case. :)

Good thing there are no hyrax in our place, though there are some crickets but I am used to it.

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