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11 June 2012


Can you blame her? The long distance charges alone! Maybe she's just an old-fasioned girl and expects the guy to take the lead.

Call her, man. Call.

You heartbreaker.

I pity the Giraffe...what a hairy Homo Erectus!

I know...I know...Homo Erectus is extinct...play on words etc.

This is awesome! Thanks for the laugh :)

But Shaan, did she like it?

So I look and act like a caveman? :-)

I think she liked the kiss as much as I did, but still no call from her on our next date.

Hakuna Matata

I think I kissed that same giraffe outside Nairobi in 2005. What a 'licker'!

This is the most fun I've had reading a posting on infosys in a long time. Thanks for the smile! I bet the giraffe will never forget that kiss! Nor you, Shaan!

Lucky you!

This made me smile! Really cute story!

Made my day. Thx for posting/getting kissed :)

Giraffe wrote in her notes:

Trivia: Human have a patchy hair facial and no tongue at all. However they wear funny things on their nose...

My key learning from Kenya, that may apply to this: haraka haraka haina baraka!

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