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04 June 2012


AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012 Service Pack 2 Released for Download:

A new SP, old bugs untouched (at least since 2010)
4. Turn OTRACK off. Turn OSNAP on.
Set OSNAP "perpendicular".
Options > Drafting > Alignment Point Acquisition = Automatic.
Draw a line => click first point, click the second one. After the second point, perpendicular dash line and marker appears, like for "extension" osnap.

Workaround: Alignment Point Acquisition = Shift to acquire.

Conclusion: Dash line and marker should never be displayed for "perpendicular" osnap.
7. Insert a block.
BEDIT the block > the window has the correct thumbnail preview image size (like it is on Open file dialog).
REFEDIT the block > the window has a very small thumbnail preview image size (!?!).

Conclusion: The thumbnail preview image size should be large also for REFEDIT a block.
8. Insert > DWG Reference > select DWG file > Open.
In the "Attach External Reference" window, DWG preview background is always white.

Conclusion: DWG preview should respect the real drawing background color, like it is for any DWG preview inside the program (edit block, refedit, Open, SaveAs ...).
10. Purge window => "Purge all" icon is the old 2004 DWG icon (!?!).

Conclusion: the icon should be the DWG current icon.
When I try to turn on ORTHO using Shift key override, there is 1/2 second delay, which is annoying.

Conclusion: Please eliminate this delay in order to make the command snappy.
12. DTEXTED = 0 or 2.
Double click to edit a single line text. All text is selected.
Move the mouse cursor over the selected text. The cursor is the "arrow" type.
The cursor should be "text select" type (vertical cursor). It was like this in R2006.
Because the cursor is "arrow" type, it is necessary to click once to deselect the text and after that to put the cursor inside the text or to select the part of it.
This leads to an extra click when do single line editing.

Conclusion: Please eliminate this extra click in this way:
- when editing a single line text and all text is selected (at the beginning of editing or during it), the cursor over the selected text should be "text select" type.
- when only a part of the text is selected, the cursor over the selected text should be "arrow" type, in order to drag and drop selected text.
13. Create a single or multiline line text.
Enter editing > select a piece of text > try to move it to another location.

Problem: The positioning vertical marker is not displayed.
14. Start a new drawing.
Make a new layer named YELLOW = color yellow.
Make a second layer named RED = color red.

Make layer YELLOW current.
Draw any type of dimension using layer YELLOW => the dimension is yellow.
DDEDIT on the dimension => text inside editor is yellow (ByLayer) > OK.

Make layer RED current.
DDEDIT on the dimension => text inside editor is red (ByLayer) > not OK.

Conclusion: The text color inside editor should keep the color of layer assigned to the dimension, and not the current one.
15. Start a new drawing.
Assign color red to layer 0.
Make a new layer, assign color yellow and make it current.
DIST > pick first point => the dynamic line has the color of layer 0 instead of being white.
MEASUREGEOM + Distance > pick first point => the dynamic line has the color of layer 0 instead of being white.

Conclusion: The dynamic line should respect the color of Dynamic Dimension Lines given in the Options > Display > Colors.
16. Draw a rectangle.
PLOT > Set the plot area using Window button.
Choose the corners of the rectangle > The area is defined.
Click again on the Window button and zoom in as much as possible to a rectangle corner => the highlighted area is not displayed correctly (is shifted from the rectangle edges).
17. Open a drawing. Go to the layout.
PLOT > Set the plot area using Window button.
Choose the corners of the area to be plotted > The area is defined.
Click again on the Window button => the area previous defined is not highlighted, like it is in Model space.

Conclusion: The selected zone should be highlighted, like it is in Model space.
18. A computer with:
- Windows 7
- ClearType OFF (Smooth edges of screen font OFF).

MEASUREGEOM + Distance > after picking second point, temporary dimensions appears with measured values.
This values have ClearType ON even if inside OS ClearType is turned OFF.

Conclusion: These temporary dimension values should respect the OS ClearType setting like it is for all dynamic input inside AutoCAD.
19. A computer with:
- Windows 7 + Aero
- ClearType OFF (Smooth edges of screen font OFF).

All dynamic input text has ClearType always ON no matter if it was turned off inside Windows.

Please correct text rendering in order to respect the Windows settings.
20. Turn on UCS icon. Turn off Origin.

Pan command or pan realtime (using wheelmouse) from right to left => UCS icon is moving outside the screen.
This happens for model and for layout.

Pan command or pan realtime from left to right => UCS icon is moving on the screen.

After finishing panning, UCS icon position is reverted back to the lower left corner.

UCS icon should not move outside or on the screen when panning, like it was for 2010 and previous versions.
21. Draw a rectangle.

Inquire area by:

Problem: The highlighted zone is shifted from the rectangle.
24. Create an MTEXT with large limits.
Type some text > save and close editor.

Problem: These large limits are kept until you resize them manually.

Solution: Please add a variable or set this by default:
after save and close the mtext editor the text limits to shrink automatically near the text, in order to be as smaller as possible, without changing the text formatting.
26. Start a new drawing.
Dimension Style Manager > Modify > Primary units.
Zero suppression > turn ON Trailing by checking the checkbox.
OK + Close Dimension Style Manager.

Problem: Open again Dimension Style Manager => Trailing is not checked.
27. Start a new drawing.
Draw a line with layer 0 (zero).
Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C) the line.
Create a layer having red color, named RED.
Set layer RED current.
Paste the line (Ctrl+V). Do not click to add the line to the drawing.
The line has the red color (of the current layer) instead the color of layer 0.

Before paste (also) the line should have the color of the 0 layer.
This happens with all entities drawn with layer 0.
29. Insert 2 viewports in a layout.
Lock one viewport using the lock button on AutoCAD status bar.
Select both viewports.

Problem: You cannot lock/unlock all selected viewports using the lock button, when at least one of the vieports is locked and the rest of them are unlocked.
31. Before adding any color in the color drop down list toolbar, the items are fitting the list height. No space remains after the last item.
If I add a new color, the list is expanded only by 5 pixels and the scrollbar is active.
Please make the color drop down list to expand correctly in order to display the new item.

Also, any other dropdown list, like Layer, Linetypes, Lineweights, Dimstyles, are expanding when adding a new item, up to approx 30 lines.
I propose to make Color dropdown list the same: to be expandable and longer in order not to use scrollbar for only few items added.
I think that this list was the single one not updated since R 2000.
32. On Ribbon or toolbars, in the Layer drop down list are displayed:
- On/Off
- Thawed/Frozen
- VP Thaw/VP Freeze
- Unlocked/Locked
The default state for a layer is On, Thawed, VP Thaw and Unlocked.
For On, Thawed, VP Thaw the icon color is yellow.

For Unlocked the icon color is blue.

I think that the color of the Unlocked icon (in the default state) must be changed to yellow in order to be the same as the rest of the icons.
Any user will know that when the color is:
- yellow, the layer is in the default state;
- blue, the state is changed.
33. Linetype Manager > Show Details
Global Scale Factor and Current Object Scale values are always displayed with 4 digits of precision.

These values should be displayed with zero suppression (trailing) like it is for Dimension Style Manager values.
34. Windows 7 + AutoCAD x64
Plot > Plot Style Table Editor > Form View > Plot Styles
Cannot select multiple styles using mouse window select
35. Options > Check "Shortcut menu in drawing area"
Open Right-click Customization > Check "Turn on time-sensitive right click"
Apply & Close

Replicate bug:
Create a new drawing > draw a line
Select the line + Long right click
For this long right-click we have line "drag and drop" !?!

We should have Shortcut Menu instead, because we turned ON long click for displaying Shortcut Menu.
37. You corrected ClearType (font rendering) for Ribbon. When I turn it OFF inside Windows, is turned OFF in AutoCAD. Good job. Thank you very much.
Please correct it for Layer Manager also.
38. When you enter a true color value in the Index Color tab an error message appears: "Not a valid color name or value".
Please eliminate this error message and correct this in order that all input boxes from all tabs to allow any type of color input (ACI, True color, Color Books) and to switch to corresponding tab type automatically.


Thank you for your detailed comment. There are several reasons all issues may have not been addressed or there are not solutions, or the way they function now. I have forwarded your feedback to the QA Team to review.

I hope your emailed you listed is a real email address so that we can follow up if needed with you to get more details.

Best Regards,

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