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23 April 2012


Free is nice but I cannot find a help button, user manual, instructions, or examples for use. Could I have my free back, please?

The help is in the upper right ribbon.

Is True View 2013 compatible with Windows Vista Home Premium?

It should run, but is not officially supported anymore.


How do i reactivate the command line bar once switched off? I cant seem to find the on switch anywhere?

DWG True View 2013

Thanks and regards,

Does Control+9 work?


Is it possible to plot to .plo or .hpgl files from TrueView?


No, That is HP's older proprietary format, but you could setup a HP Printer that uses HPGL then plot to a PLT file I believe.

Can I create simple plan drawings 2D with this.
And then apply items such as furniture, cabins, .
Best regards. Per.

Why don't you support German?

having some problems with "heidi driver not found...." message I'm asking if if I can do something to configure this driver or to avoid loading. Further more: is it possible to input commands by keyboard? I tried all the ways but the command line seems to be "read only".

Thank You

Stefano Gallina

I really dont know, but other language support is usually behind English.


This is a free DWG viewer and no commandline or API access is provided.

As for your Heidi error, see the solution found from searching http://support.autodesk.com


I seem to have switched off the toolbar for measuring distances etc. How can I switch this back on again?
Many thanks

I am not aware that you can totally disable a ribbon tab in DWG TrueView 2013. Perhaps you just pulled the tab off to another portion of your screen, or minimized the ribbon.

Wait, there is a solution I just tested. Right-click on another ribbon panel then selext tabs you want to show including the Measure tab.

I am able to view .dwf files with DWG Trueview 2010.

After upgrading to DWG Trueview 2013, I can no longer open .dwf files.

Am I overlooking something in 2013? Is there another program I need to install, or do I need to revert back to 2010 so I can view .dwf files?

Thank you for any assistance.

Is it possible to dwonload this version WITHOUT this "Akamai" ??

I don't believe so as Akamai allows restart of broken downloads which is a good thing for users but understand some don't want to use the Akamai client

Our corporate security policy strictky disallow such "alternate downloader software". Because, theses software aren't open and their data flux aren't scannable. And, other problem with such "solutions", is that sort of crap software pollute our systems. And this isn't a good thing at all ...


does Trueview 2013 have diesel expression readability now. we have titleblocks pulling in the filename as the drawing name (attribute) in diesel. When you open them in Trueview 2012, they do not show.

There is no API including diesel expressions available in the free viewer DWG Trueview.

I lost the measure readout. I can't find a way to reactivate it.

I have DWG Trueview 2011. Runs fine to convert dwgs back to our version. I need the 2013 version now - so I downloaded it and ran install. The files are there but I have no executable to run the program. ?? Help.

Sounds like you might have had a bad download. Try another browser or save to another folder.


Is it possible to download a stand alone install file for this?

I'll probably end up installing this on several machines and its better to download once than flooding our network with the same download over and over again. Also, our company has the same concerns as others on the use of 3rd party downloaders.

Download the stand alone installer of the DWG TrueView to one machine then save it to a network location, or even create it with your deployment images.

As far as 3rd party Akamai is the worlds largest file download network including Apple and many others. It is not a fly by night and improves the ability ot resume a broken download connection which costs everyone time and money. There are not many large content downloads you download today on the Internet that are not managed by some 3rd party tool or technology. Ever download from Microsoft, then your IT dept has used Akamai.


Yes Its work...

I'm looking for a user manual (pdf).

There is no available PDF help manual available for this limited featured free DWG viewer. All information is available in the Help.

I use the measure distance tool, but it does not show any values once I choose the two points. It just disappears. How can I fix this?


I am not quite sure as the tooltip remains in full AutoCAD 2013 as well as on the commandline.

I also have a problem with the 2013 TrueView in that the Distance Measure does not work and do not see a solution in the comment sections. the distance does not read out on the drawing our in the command bar.
How can I activate it?

I have used DWG Trueview 2011 with good success. I am trying to download 2013. It downloads and unzips, but there is no ICON or program executable that I can find. I have tried both IE and Mozilla for the download.
Windows 7 OS 64 bit.

Sounds like a bad download to me or bad install. Try downloading again or downloading from another browser and re-installing.


I have Trueview and seemed to have turned off my dimensioning window. How can I get this turned back on?

I am running DWG TrueView 2013 on Windows XP with Service Pack 3. When I try and export to DWFX, the software appears to save the file, but when I look in the directory, it is not there. No problems saving to DWF format. Had to change the default in Design Review from DWFX to DWF.

Thoughts on why this is not working? Other functions I have tried appear to be working correctly.

DWG True View will allow you to publish a DWF or a DWFx file. The happens because DWG True View ships with a PC3 file, a printer driver, that creates the DWF or DWFx format. Although DWG True View can create a DWF or DWFx file, it cannot view them.

Autodesk Design Review lets you view and mark up DWF or DWFx files. There should be not need to change any of the default file associations for DWF or DWFx.

If you are trying to view a DWFx file with DWG True View, that will not work. If you are trying to create a DWFx from DWG True View and the DWFx file is not found, it could be in another directory or DWG True View can;'t find the PC3 file it needs to create the DWFx file.

I'm using DWG Trueview 2012 to measure area. Sometime I've this problem of not able to snap the lines and the reason mentioned is "Lines are not coplanar". How to I overcome this problem. Hope you could help. Thanks

Steve, First I would recommend the latest free DWG Trueview 2014 as I think we did work on measure and non coplanar lines, but I can't verify currently. The issue you are seeing is that Measure only works on lines that lie in the same plane not one angled x-y and another in the z axis.


I need a 2013 32 bit version of DWG Trueview now! My 2011 version won't open the files and 2014 is not compatable. ANY HELP OUT THERE!


There is a 32 Bit version available in addition to the 64-bit. If you have an older unsupported OS you can try running it in compatibility mode which is an option in Windows.

The 32 Bit version officially supported OS systems are:

Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later of the following:
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Home

The following operating systems:
• Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
• Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
• Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
• Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
• Microsoft Windows 8
• Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
• Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise

Yes but I am running Vista 32 bit on the Auto desk website DWG Trueview 2014 is all I can find. I saw above that 2013 supports vista so I need a download of that version that will run in a Win Vista 32 environment. Got a link ? Please?



I do apologize that we don't have the 2013 version available and provide only the current supported releases.



Is it possible to run DWG trueview on a mac?



No, TrueView is for Windows PC. You can use the free AutoCAD 360 on a Mac and about everywhere.


Ok, thanks for your response!


I want to download without "Akamai" too?

Hi Shaan,

I used Trueview 2013 to batch convert a bunch of drawings to 2007 format however when the people I'm back converting for try to open the files with 2011 they get an incompatible version error. When I open the converted files with 2013 I don't get the error. Have you heard of this before?


It should work fine but perhaps you have custom objects in the drawing like Civil 3D or AutoCAD Architecture which their objects cannot be read in prior releases. The error message text exact wording is important.


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