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20 March 2012


Hmm, what about support OS Vista?

Windows Vista is no longer officially supported. It will install on it but not officially supported. More info: http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/2012/01/still-on-windows-vista-use-autodesk-software.html


Is VBA finally dead? You didn't list it in the API section...


Good to hear from you.

Here is the run down:

VBA support in 2013 will be same as 2012.
ObjectARX changed require recompiling.
LISP & Scripts are fine.

What about OS X?


Thank you for asking.

I will cover the AutoCAD 2013 for Mac 2013 system requirements in another posting.


Is there a release date for AutoCAD 2013? Does Autodesk follow some sort of schedule when it comes to annual updates?

Hi Shaan,

On the 64 Bit version OS you have stated SP2 or later of the following for XP Pro, does this apply to Win 7 as currently there is only SP1 available? Is SP2 coming soon?



There is no required SP level on Windows 7.



I do not provide a specific release dates, availability, or pricing before any official press announcements. Have look at my post a few days ago about the webcast for new releases.


Thanks Shaan, was just seeking clarification thats all.



Thanks Shaan, I'm waiting ;-)
Can you tell if a version for Windows and OS X will appear in the same time?

I cannot confirm release timing yet.

I wanna ask when will the 2013 versions be compatible with Windows 8. I can install AutoCAD 2013 but it crashes very often. And Revit cannot install at all

It is not good to develop for an unreleased OS as it is too much of a moving target to assume any compatability. We will announce more on Windows 8 testing and compatability once Win8 reaches a final release version.


How can I save and autovad 2013 to a 2010 dwg file? ?????

Why no TOC (table of contents) in the help system?

What is the rationale for removing a TOC from the help system in AutoCAD 2013? I recently went to the online version of the help to get a feeling for the new release. I was disappointed that the TOC had been removed. Over my 22 years of using AutoCAD, I usually start by going to a category in the TOC then narrowing my search; especially if I don't know the exact command or variable to take care of the problem at hand. With this new configuration that can't be done, you have to know the exact command / variable you need ahead of time.

It seems that with each new release; more of the useful features are getting removed, and more fluff is getting added to replace them. This is a truly disturbing trend in modern software. Just because it is wonderful to a team of people who created the software doesn't mean its good for the end user.

Use the SaveAs funtion, eTransmit, or Batch Concvert if you have AutoCAD 2013 to save to older DWG fomats, if not download the free AutoCAD DWG TrueView http://www.autodesk.com/dwgtrueview.


When Windows 8 gets to be a final product stage we will announce testing and compatibility results.


Is it compatible with Windows Home Basic OS?

why does it only mention xeon cpu's what about other intel quad cores

It is only a base "system requirements", and higher or compatible CPUs are supported.

Tell me why every new system product had release especially AUTOCAD, we must use Memory 4 GB and indeed more higher Speech, is it associated with the computer condition..?
Uhmm I think better for me to throw up my Old Computer, hehe

Hello Shaan,
Do you know if AutoCAD 2013 - specifically MEP 32bit will run well in the XP Mode of Windows 7 64bit?

I am not sure. I would suggest looking at support.autodesk.com.


I would like to buy AutoCad 2013, my laptop spesification is:
Intel Dual Core 2,0GHz
500GB Harddrive
WIn XP Pro

Can I use the Autocad Mechanical 2013 on my laptop? Need your advise. thank you.

It all depends on the size of drawings and the performance you can work with.. Are you sure you only have 1Gb of RAM? Also one if the most important components is the graphics card.


I currently use AutoCad Architecture and Autocad 2013 for 3D Modelling. What spec of laptop would you recommend to run this smoothly?

There is no specific answer on system needs as each users usage is different. I will say get the best machine you can and although that sounds simplistic, but it is true.

Get a fast processor, lots of RAM, Win7 64 bit (not sold on Win8 UI personally) and definitely look into a SSD drive as that will make your computer scream with performance.

Is there a point when the amount of RAM doesn't matter or there isn's a huge significant performance jump? What would you say, in general, is a good amount to have for most applications of Civil 3D? We usually get at least 16 GB, but I have a co-worker who thinks going up to 48 GB will work wonders for the users.

You will have to look at your OS as some OS versions the RAM beyond a certain amount does not benefit as much. In Windows 7+ 64bit I think 16-24Gb is about max for most of the benefits. You may be better off making sure you have a good fast hard drive preferably SSD and a good graphics card/GPU.

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