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17 February 2012


I must admit that I have not done a thorough search on online 123D Catch info, but it seems to me that it would be efficient to mount the subject (if small enough) on a turntable or lazy suzan and the camera on a tripod. It would solve variable light angles among other things.
Has this been tried and if so, please link in info.
Thanks so much
San Rafael


Thanks for the comment. Actually a lazy Susan or turntable would cause problems as the algorithms would see the subject on the turntable object points change but the background stay the same and confuse solutions.

The software is really good at picking out points so you would need a background that is absolutely devoid of any visible surface points as even green fabric would not work as it would see the threads of the fabric. Lighting could also cause some unexpected results.

With this being said I have seen some do it but most get bad results using the turntable to spin the object as opposed of the specified movement of the camera around the object.


Where can i download makerbot 3d model in 3dsmax file?



You can download the STEP files from Thingiverse.com and import and texture in 3ds max.


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