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10 January 2012


FYI to anyone interested in doing this: You must be extremely careful in determining what local, regional, and federal laws are applicable when flying a UAV or remote controlling a similar device. There is a low threshold of what constitutes flying in FAA regulated air space with many regulations and permits necessary to do so; most of which are very difficult to obtain. I'm not sure, but the legal implications could be severe.

Don't get me wrong, I love this concept. I love it so much, I looked into the Gatewing UAV and Draganflyer x8 over a year ago to take advantage of 123D Catch when it was still Project Photofly. I think there is a lot of revenue potential, interested industries, etc. for this kind of technology to boom. There's just a governmental barrier to cross first.

Absolutely good point, the same goes for model rockets, kites, and anything in the air above a certain altitude not to mention be respectful of the neighbors privacy. We do not fly up to 1000 meters currently but have a license to do so.



You should use this.

Lucky! Off the top of my head, I believe the FFA regulation is anything at all within 500' of an airport/field and above 300 in all other areas requires licensing. Not sure about those numbers for sure. Either way, I'm definitely jealous.

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