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01 December 2011


I have an antidote to the static shock that fried your laptop. Long ago my Granny told me to put pennies in my pocket and I wouldn't gather static electricity and in turn, not get shocked. While in school the other kids couldn't understand why I was immune. Turns out copper is a cure for dogs, too. She put pennies in the dogs bed and during a thunderstorm, the pooch stayed put. It seems static builds up on their fur and shocks them. So, I was thinking...would it work for a laptop? Just wondering and if it saves you some sleep in the future then cool.

Shaan, I using something like acronis to create an image of the whole system, this way if you have to recover you can restore a complete image.

So this mobile posting thing seemed to work out all right yesterday. (Although that post looks a lot longer on my phone!)

Let's see...what happened yesterday? It's getting hard to keep my days straight... :-)

I spent a lot of time in the exhibit hall talking to customers about AutoCAD, Mac, and mobile. (For the last time, I don't know when Revit might come to the Mac. And if I did, I couldn't say.) But it's really great to see such enthusiastic people.

I missed the annual AUGI meeting, but I'm looking forward to seeing what made it onto the AutoCAD wish list. That's been a source of a lot of new features over the years.

One highlight of yesterday was getting scanned in the 123D Catch photo booth. A ton of cameras take your picture, and the software stitches them together into a 3D model that you can view with the free Inventor Publisher Mobile app. I put a screenshot from the app below. There's nothing like AU for seeing the cool stuff your colleagues are doing!

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