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08 December 2011


Wish they kept it at the Venitian! Much nicer and a heck of a lot less walking!

Give us a chance to breathe!!

i'm looking forward to AU 2012 already. so much to learn and socialize.

Completely Agree, time to take a deep breath before worrying about the deadlines again.

Yes I too prefer the Venetian to the Mandalay Bay or MGM located AUs.

I will prepare more AU Virtual classes in portuguese to submit to AU Team. And, I certainly will attend AU 2012 personally too!

Com certeza!

Indeed, much to learn and people to meet.

Hi Shaan,
You can beat me answer a question with regard to the ARX file MdiTab18.arx?
is there a new version of AutoCAD 2013?

thanks and greetings


The bonus tool has not been updated and there an AutoCAD 2013 released. I have my fingers crossed the development team will be updating this bonus tool in the future.


many thanks and a Merry Christmas


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