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20 November 2011


Any chance this will be available for Android or Kindle?

I would like to see the Android tablet version as well. I find it hard to believe that Autodesk is wasting time on Apple platform to begin,with

I will pass the request on but two words on why Apple Tablet is commonly the first supported platform, "market share" on tablet devices.

I will pass on the request.

Market share? Ok, then consider this.....
Android tablets were able to increase their market share over tenfold in the last quarter. Android is going to quickly take over that market share you are talking about.
What are the numbers of engineering firms using Apple to run their design software? What's the market share for that....

We do consider Android important and have several native Android apps at Autodesk. Android market share is great and increasing for phones, but tablet is still low and not many out there. Yesterday there was a tablet market research that showed Apple at number 1 and HP number 2 with their WebOS tablet. Perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich and Kindle Fire will increase Android on the Tablet.

I have and use both Android and iOS so a foot in each camp.

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