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15 November 2011


Unfortunatelly, it doesn't seem to always work right. I have several drawings (all in acad 2010). On some layer plotting works fine but on the others not a single layer information is plotted but frame layer (in case of printing layout).
There must be some other setting within layers that says this layer is to be plotted and the other not.
I encountered even a file when some layers are plotted and others aren't - yet I haven't discovered a single difference between the layers. Perhaps it's a bug?

//I'm running on autocad 2012 lt, but the same thing occured to a friend of mine who runs on acad electrical 2012

Make sure that you do not have layer setting no plot for the layers.

The Plot setting in the Layer Manager controls whether the selected layers are plotted. If you turn off plotting for a layer, the objects on that layer are still displayed. Layers that are off or frozen are not plotted, regardless of the Plot setting.

In my experience not even this works. I have changed the setting in all the places in Autocad I can possibly find it and I still get layers in my PDFS.

I would like to have the Layer Information always set to Don't Include. Is there a variable for this that I can set in my start up script?

If you are using the batch plot feature, don't forget to select the "Don't Include" option for layers in this area as well.

After several months of struggling I found out one thing: if all the "layer settings" are correct & the drawng was initiated in acad above 2011 & it's a 2D drawing then all layers are transfered as required.
It's enough just not to meet one condition of the above and it fails to export layer info.
It would be nice to be able to export layers in 3D drawings: imagine a piston engine chp pipeline crumped in a container - unless U're running acad there's no option U are able to make out what's in the picture.
Unfortunatelly, I'm curently running on acad 2013 lt version so 3D tools are limited only to "view" (though not so comfortable as in full acad).

i can only confirm that. i am working with 2013 and to export the layers in a 3D view seems impossible, in 2D it is running without any problems, so i would see it as a bug.
Even when you 'export: all layouts' to pdf including 2D and 3D layouts, the one pdf page with the 3D view lists the different layers, but there is no effect on the 3D drawing in the pdf .. for the 2D is working.

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