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11 November 2011


Great list Shaan,
One that I would add is to have an alternate schedule prepared. Then if you find a class is not as expected, quickly swap to your 2nd pick. There are usually spare seats.
Congratulations to Autodesk for such a great event.

This is a vital list, Shaan! Thank you for share it with us!

Good stuff, especially about the card slappers

I call the "card slapping" people "porn crickets".

- KFD -

Great list but being a traveler to Las Vegas and now living here 4 years we feel you have missed one important tip. "Simply Saline" coming to a dry climate causes the sinuses to go crazy and most people think it is allergies but find that medication does not help. It is not allergies it is just your sinuses over reacting to the dry climate. A bottle of Simply Saline ($5 any drug store/grocery store) does the trick. This is not a spray it is a nasal wash so just be aware feels much different but it will keeps you sinuses from going crazy so you can enjoy your time at AU sinus headache free.


Yes that is a perfect tip that belongs on the list.

Thank you,


When packing for the trip, leave extra room and/or bring an extra bag. You'll need it to pack all of the goodies you accumulate while your at AU.

Will there be wifi available at the conference?

In some areas there is Wifi but not all. AU creates a Wifi network but due to the HUGE conference center and multiple floors it may not be available everywhere. Best best is near the exhibit hall and registration there will definitely be wifi.


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