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01 November 2011


If you have Plant 3D you can create 2D isometric DWGs, right? And if you want to collaborate on-line you could upload those to AutoCAD WS like any other 2D DWGs, correct? So where's the need for AutoCAD Isometric WS? Does Plant 3D do the isometric creations really slowly and Cloud-based parallel processing does it much quicker?

This is a genuine question. I'm not having a go, I'm just not clear on the purpose of a specific isometric product here.


AutoCAD Isometrics WS is not meant as a replacement to the integrated isometrics available with AutoCAD Plant 3D. Instead, it is aimed at making the isometric capabilities available for other Autodesk and potentially 3rd party applications who need isometrics. Also, this service will serve as a foundation/component for potential future services.

So are there other apps that create PCF files but don't make isometrics?

Yes, there are applications that can create a PCF but not create an isometric drawing or perhaps someone shares or sends you a PCF.

It wider than just a case of someone with AutoCAD Plant 3D or an Autodesk product with a need to generate an isometric drawing.

Is there a way to generate a PCF or DWG isometric via the mobile application, either through a 3rd party software or Autodesk software

Several Autodesk like Inventor and AutoCAD Plant (30 day full product trial is availabe for download) create the open standard PCF files as do several on-Autodesk piping design applications. I am not aware of any mobile piping design that would export a PCF as they are typically created by large piping design applications.

How about AutoCAD MEP? this is a perfect example of a program that cannot create Iso's. but it also does not create PCF's. :( any suggestions here? I cant be the only Pieping designer looking to use MEP 2013 as a way for use of BIM.

How about a pcf file from a 3D model created in Inventor? And if so, will it create an Iso from fittings that were manually created as opposed to fittings pulled from Inventor's components menu?

YOu can use a PCF exported by INventor but for exactly what types of supported components and custom ones I would suggest asking in the Autodesk Inventor discussion forum.

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I would suggest discussing this specific request in the MEP discussion forums as the team and support do read the posts and participate when they can.

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