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26 September 2011


OH YEAH! Good work, now please make the measuring tool in Design Review actually useful.....

Now if only AutoCADWS could tap into this CLOUD you'd have a decent setup finally that does not require 3rd party clouds.

I believe the Cloud can use AutoCAD WS. I am disappointed to see its not available on Android yet!

I think the Tablet's larger form factor is a much better design file viewing experience and in that respect the Apple iOS platform reigns currently. Both platforms are not usually developed at the same time so it is aim for the sweet spot then work on the second.

The install base of Android is far greater than iOS at this point. The iPad is outdated with new Android tablets being released all the time. Considering Revit won't even work with Apple hardware without a work around I think Autodesk should be concentrating their efforts on Android Apps.

I agree Android has a larger install base due to many developers of multiple devices where Apple develops their own and does not license it out and has limited models in the market but custom tailer their iOS for these Apple developed and built hardware devices. Still the majority of that Android base are small devices and not the Tablets which I believe are still the best form factor for viewers, video,Sketchbook etc.

Why the teams pick the Apple iOS for the first mobile platform over Android is up to each team to make. But as I have stated personally the Tablet is the sweet spot for mobile. It could also be dealing with one platform and version of a mobile OS than multiple forked OS and vendor customized versions and several more devices to test.

The bottom line is both Apple and Android mobile devices are amazing and have been a real game changing event to the desktop platforms.

One step at a time. :-)

Just picked up the new ipad and an super excited to have my revit generated dwf files onsite- BUT there does not appear to be a way to freehand markup drawings! am i missing something?


You are correct as the freehand markup of a DWF you see in the desktop version is not currently in the Design Review mobile. If you also have access to the DWG for markup and review, checkout AutoCAD WS.



Recently created my Autodesk Cloud account and uploaded a few DWF files for testing. I am currently using the Ipad 1st Generation. The DWF files were exported from an existing NWD file. The NWF files range in size between 2.5MB and 10MB. We have tried to open them on the Ipad and get an error stating the file is unable to open. I've started to trouble shoot this back to the original NWD file and the settings within the file as well as the export to DWF settings from the NWD. If you can shed some light on what a possible solution may be, that would really improve our ability to share the project data in the field.



It might be the specific DWF and how NWD created it. You could post details in the Design Review forum as someone may have some insight on the particular issue you are seeing as well the mobile support site.




this is all fine and dandy, but when will i be able to open my dwf files from the vault browser in safari into design review mobil????

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