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06 September 2011


Good to see the classic array back, the question is, why did you removed it in the first place?

The best of intentions sometimes don't go as planned.

It is ArrayClassic, pity Autodesk can't stay consistent with naming conventions. I know, your friend down under beat you to that name.

Why is it Service Pack 1 and not update 1 ?

We went back to the old term of Service Pack.

One person can usually move faster than a team, for better or worse. Not sure on why a difference in Classic-command now reversed but at least the functionality is back for those that wanted it.

I installed Service Pack 1 and now my LISP's won't run, any ideas?

Sorry to hear about your issue but I have not seen this. Did you back up your custom files as mentioned in the Readme? If you backed them up you can just place them back as there may be a custom files replaced with the standard version.

I only have one LISP file that loads with start up and that has all our LISP's in it. I load it during Start Up, and I even used APPLOAD to load it and none of the 42 LISP's will invoke when I type any of their commands. There isn't any other customization's done we try to keep that minimal.


Make sure you have the right profile being loaded.

Could you please contact me direct at shaan@autodesk.com so I can work with you to discover the possible problem?

Thank you,

George, when you load it are there any errors on the command line?

This new/old ARRAYCLASSIC does not creates associative arrays? Am I right?

Now on Start up I've noticed the error:

AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.; error: no function definition: DEFAULT

Command: _RIBBON

Command: QuickCalc


And when I run a command I get:

Command: ilayer
Unknown command "ILAYER". Press F1 for help.

I have also posted this on AUGI at:


Sorry Shaan I didn't see your reply till I had answered RK

Please email me so QA can look into this. We think it might be profile related.

It is the pre AutoCAD 2012 ARRAY aka Old School ARRAY.

Thanks to the help of Shaan and Bud @ Autodesk they discovered it was not the Service Pack. It was code issue in my LISP file too many Parentheses where they didn't belong.

Thanks again for all the support.

After installing SP1 has any one had issues with not being able to install xref's? we start _attach or _xattach and we do not get the dialog box to select the file.

Make sure your proper profile is loaded and support paths are set.

It could also be a custom loaded LISP had a bad error function and left the SYSVARs FILEDIA asnd CMDDIA set wrong.

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