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30 August 2011


For those wanting to know what is difference between Autodesk Revit Architecture and Project Spark:
Different RVT format specific to Project Spark
No Worksharing
No Photo realistic rendering
No view filters
No groups
No In-Place families
No Massing
No analysis
No trusses
No shared coordinates
No point clouds
No sunpath
No parts/assemblies
No design options
No adaptive components
Simplified export
Simplified links
Simplified content
Simplified phasing
Simplified materials

I jumped to the labs site to download this dream product. But the words are clear - not for us folks in in the Middle east / Africa / Asia.

Why is the Spark technology preview only available in 19 countries? I know you are not the responsible but surely the logic given on the labs site "to ensure the best experience for those participating.." is invalid. Do you mean all the wannabe BIMlings like me are going to damage ourselves or Autodesk's reputation by using the product.

Please please tell me there is a better reason.

Thank you for your blog posts and kind reading of this rant.

I apologize for you not being able to get Spark yet. Many technology previews and betas are not released in every single country are due to laws, restrictions, markets, or in some cases distribution limitations.



I am not an arch guy by any means. I am also not a Revit user. I love my AutoCAD and my C3D, but this was wonderful. I've been toying around with the idea of introducing Revit into our workflow to see how we could integrate it with our Civil 3D and MEP seats. First I was worried about being able to support Revit. As a CAD guru in the office I can handle almost anything they throw at me, but Revit is a different animal. If Revit is like this in some form then I might be sold. It has been easy to use, very intuitive. The online help videos have been a great help, but I have found that I dont really need them anymore. I've only been playing with it for a week, but this has project has "sparked" my interest in Revit ;)
For the type of work we will be doing in my office this is ideal.

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