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05 August 2011


Hi Shaan,

I'm a great fan of your blog, and I notice you have a lots of awesome photos. Just curious about some of the photos you took. Are you using a compact or DSLR, What lens do you use/bring when you travel?


P.S Started using Autocad since 1996
Autocad enthusiast,


First thank you sincerely for being a fan and reading this blog.

The photo of the Golden Gate was taken with a DSLR but the others like the dog, cat, flowers were taken with my iPhone and processed in the Pixlr-o-matic.

As for question on the DSLR lenses I travel with, I usually take a 12-24mm wide angle and a 70-300mm telephoto.

Thank You again for being a fan and reading the blog as well as an AutoCAD enthusiast and customer.

Best Regards,

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